Donation offer

If your Employer offers an Employer Match, you might be able to donate that way and have your Employer match your Donation to a certain amount.
We are Registered with Benevity and we can see if we can register for whatever your Employer may be using for ER Matching gifts. Our Tax ID is 02-0685608 'Helping Hand Fund, Inc'.in Pennsylvania.

We now accept Credit Cards!

Utilizing the PayPal service, a well-known secure website credit card transaction service, we are able to accept all credit cards - whether you have a PayPal account or not!  PayPal offers special terms to charities for a very low per-transaction fee of 2.5% of the donation amount.  For example: if you donate $100.00, $2.50 is the fee paid to PayPal and the remaining $97.50 is the amount that reaches the Helping Hand Fund!

Please click on the donate button below and follow the instructions on the PayPal site. 

Please note! None of your information is collected or processed here.  Everything is handled on the Secure PayPal website!